My Father MMCM John F. Rutledge was aboard the Warrington when it struck
the mines. For his actions he received the Admiral Claude Ricketts Award as
well as the Bronze star with combat "v." The following is what appears on
the award: 1973

Awarded to Master Chief Machinists Mate John F. Rutledge, Jr. USN
For Inspirational Leadership while attached to and serving in the USS
WARRINGTON(DD-843) From 23 June 1972 to 01 Oct. 1973. Master Chief Petty
Officer Rutledge, serving as main Propulsion Assistant and as Senior Enlisted
Advisor, participated either as a highly experienced safety observer or
directly as supervisor of the working, in every significant repair, training
exercise, or operational evolution which affected the engineering plant of
his ship, thereby ensuring a previously unattained record for quality control
and safety, while imparting invaluable guidance and motivating interest in
the workings of his subordinates. Though such exceptional professionalism,
devotion to duty, and insertional leadership, Master Chief Petty Officer
Rutledge served as a keystone of the determined spirit and highest sense of
performance excellence that guide the crew of the WARRINGTON in naval gunfire
support of Republic of Vietnam forces, through the damage control,
engineering casualty control, and repairs made necessary when that ship
suffered two severe underwater explosions in hostile waters off Vietnam, and
through the decommissioning and disestablishment of that proud warship. His
performance as an engineer, as a counselor, as an advisor, and as a leader
established new heights of attainment in personal courage, leadership, and

Unfortunately My father passed away April 5, 2000. He was a great man and I
would Love to see him included on the web page.

Thank you for your time and

Gail M. Rutledge

[I'm sure Gail would like to hear from any shipmates with memories of Chief Rutledge at the

email address linked above.]