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The USS Warrington
Last Cruise

November DD-843






Read an account by one of the men who prepared the mines that hit the USS Warrington.  Click here for the Gonzales Archive.

The USS Warrington (DD-843) was hit by Mk36 mines on July 17, 1972, while cruising off North Vietnam. After being towed back to Subic Bay with severe damage, the ship underwent an INSURV board and was decommissioned on October 1, 1972, and sold to the Republic of China in June 1973. Click here for the detailed status of Warrington's ultimate fate.

CS2 Ed Gowan's story and pictures of the USS Warrington's final days tied up at Subic Bay, late in 1972

The photos linked on this page are scanned from the last cruise book of the Warrington, put together in Subic during the last days of her decommissioning. (That's why the quality is pretty poor).


  • CO, Commander Noel Petree
  • XO, Lieutenant Commander Harvey McKelvey
  • Operations Officer, Lieutenant James "Otto" Honigschmidt (click for his story)
  • Chief Engineer, Lieutenant David Dwyer
  • Weapons Officer, Lieutenant Ed O'Neill
  • Supply Officer, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ralph Heimlich
  • Former Supply Officer, Lieutenant Thomas Ethier
  • Communications Officer, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Peter Regnier (click for his story)
  • Damage Control Assistant, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jerry Oliver
  • First Lieutenant, Ensign J. Whittaker
  • ASW Officer, Ensign S. Sheppard
  • EM Officer, Ensign C.P. "Pete" Perkuhn
  • CIC Officer, Ensign W. Waters with OS2 John "Mushy" Callahan (right) and OS2 Richard Crutchley
  • Gunnery Officer, Ensign J. Dillingham
  • M&B Division Officer, Ensign J. Felix

    Recently found pictures of the USS Warrington in drydock at Subic Bay--The Carmack Archive

    Chief Dorado's Photos (contact the Chief in retirement in Jacksonville, Florida)
    A mess of Chiefs, at ease, before the cruise
    Some Warrington supply types ashore (Chief Dorado (foreground), Ensign and Mrs. Heimlich (sitting), Rey Mendoza, Chief Dorado's nephew (in red shirt), CS1 Reuben our Master Chef (white shirt), MS2 Rodriguez
    Warrington supply types singing at Chief Dorado's house
    More singing
    CS1 Reuben does the twist
    The Gatun Locks on the Panama Canal
    Through the Panama Canal, alongside USS Santa Barbara
    Entering the lock
    Inside the lock
    Plane guard
    Name that ship USS Harry E. Yarnell (DLG/CG-17), according to RD2 David Dankenbring
    Alongside Reclaimer (RS-42)
    Port side crew
    P-250 pumping
    Port side crew again
    Asroc deck

    Engineers on deck (the seldom seen)
    Deckhands, at ease

    Constant bearing on USS Reclaimer
    Passing the tow line
    Whew!! Missed
    Just in case
    Tow line watch
    Warrington arrives at Subic
    Cubi Point ahead
    Warrington enters dry dock in Subic
    Subic CPO barracks
    On the ground in RI
    Dorado's reunion

    July 17, 1972

  • Immediately after hitting the mines and moving offshore
  • P-250's strain to keep us afloat
  • An unknow mess cook dishes up steaks salvaged from the reefer spaces and cooked over charcoal--served with canned plums (Yccch!!)
  • Close in unrep to get more P-250s and some hot food
  • Reclaimer gets between an immovable object (us) and a hard place (them)

    Back in Subic

  • Along the bottom of the hull in drydock. This shot doesn't really show the rippled plating from the blast pushing the plates between the frames.
  • Lt. Dwyer (in overhauls), Cdr. Petree and RADM Bulkely, in the drydock talking over Warrington's fate.


  • Five hands were awarded Purple Hearts for injuries during the incident: Ltjg Oliver, SN Crandall, Sn Roberts, SN Burke, and FN Whitaker.
  • Citations and medals for Ltjg Regnier, MM1 Smiley, FTG3 Martin and MM3 Charles, and SA Gorman.
  • Master Chief Machinists Mate John F. Rutledge, Jr. won the Admiral Claude Ricketts Award for his role

    The Gouge

  • On August 25, 1972, we finally heard the bad word in an all-ship meeting in the hold of a nearby LST gearing up for CDR Bucher's minesweeping expedition to Haiphong--decommissioning.

    Warrington in the news

    Warrington West Pac Log


  • Contact:Ralph Heimlich


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